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The Comfy-Snug Drawstring Sheet gives you that "just-made" feeling, night after night.

Reviews From Amazon (70% 5 STAR)

NLusk "Perfection"
"I LOVE this sheet. It is absolutely perfect. We have a king size adjustable bed and so normal fitted sheets are all but useless and annoying... These sheets are the answer. They fit perfectly snug around all sides of your mattress and they are soft."

Smith "Just the sheet I was looking for!"
"...I had not been able to find a fitted sheet that would actually stay on my Tempurpedic mattress until I tried the Comfy Snug drawstring sheet.... I am so happy I no longer have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to put my fitted sheet back on the mattress!"

S. Weible "Husband is the Ultimate in Sheet Removal while Sleeping"
"...My husbands days of pulling the bottom sheet into his nest are over!! These sheets stay put!!... These sheets he has not been able to budge them while sleeping. First sheets in 20 years that have been able to do that!!!"

A, Teel "Perfect for Adjustable Bed!"
"If you have an adjustable bed, get these sheets! We have struggled with every kind of sheet and every kind of strap to hold them on and no matter what we did the sheets never stayed on the bed. I find these purely by accident and bought them even though I was sure they wouldn't stay because nothing had. It hasn't moved an inch, and even holds our bed cover in place."

Editresson "Holy Grail of fitted sheets!!!!!!!"
"We have a California King and were constantly pulling down the edges of the sheets in the morning and many times they came off during the night. We even tried the sheet clips both diagonal from edge to edge and the ones just on the edge, nothing worked. We bought the drawstring sheets and will never go back."

Getting into a freshly made bed is heaven. But that doesn't last long and the bottom sheet gets wrinkled and bunched up pretty quick and by morning its a mess.

Elastic sheets don't work! All the straps, and clips don't help. The drawstring is the answer!