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bed sheet clips
The design success is simple
It's all because of the curved hem.
(U.S. patent #5,628,077 )

The Comfy-Snug drawstring sheet holds virtually wrinkle free and smooth under the discriminating sleeper. No elastic to break down and fail. No compromises to wildly varying mattress thickness. The performance is unmatched. This sheet will create a new standard in performance and comfort. This sheet fits all mattresses from 6" to over 18"! On the thicker mattresses, the hem will begin to show midway between the head and the foot at the side. This is because the curved hem is nearest the side in the center. The sheet is still just as effective, however. On an 18" thick mattress, for example, the side of the mattress will show about 6" in the middle and the hem will disappear below the mattress again holding in the corners. The hem will appear at the side starting at 12". (Extra large size for mattresses up to 22" coming in the near future.)

The cord lock is located at side of the mattress for easy access to tighten or release the cord. This also provides an easy way to know where the side is so that it can be placed in the correct orientation the first time. With elastic sheets it's hard to tell the sides from the top and bottom.

Simple theory: Like a bridge

The edge shape of the Comfy-Snug sheet is the key to the success of the sheet.

On a suspension bridge, the main cable is deliberately curved to evenly distribute support along the length of the span. This same principal is the key to the Comfy-Snug drawstring sheet. The hem is curved in the same fashion to distribute the force from the drawstring along the full length of the edge of the sheet. This is how the Comfy-Snug drawstring sheet achieves its exceptionally intimate fit to the mattress.

bed sheet clips
bed sheet clips
The Special hands free cord lock makes tightening easy.
(patent pending)

To tighten the cord, pull outward on the loose ends. The locking tab automatically locks when the ends are released. To loosen sheet, pull the loop on the locking tab and the cord lock releases the cord. See the demo video:


The result is a very tight, flat sheet that is very comfortable to sleep on. The smooth feeling under your body is unmatched by any other sheet.
From the first night until they are changed, the Comfy-Snug drawstring sheet has that "just-made feeling", night after night.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the Comfy-Snug sheet require any special laundering due to the string?
    The cord and cord lock are totally laundry safe.

    Does the cord get tangled in the wash?
    Extensive testing reveals that the cord will not tangle any more than the typical shirt sleeve. Also elastic sheets form a pocket that can trap other laundry items. The Comfy-Snug sheet pocket does not contract like elastic sheets so it won't trap other items and get wadded up. Also, the cord can be trimmed for thinner mattresses, where the excess leader is not needed. Replacement cord is available if you buy a thicker mattress later.

    Will a Queen work on a Queen futon?
    A futon has much less volume than a regular mattress, but it will work. It is just requires that more cord is drawn up leaving a large amount of excess leader. But again this can be trimmed. The Comfy-Snug sheet works far, far better than any other solution. (See futon page)

    Will a twin work on an adjustable bed?
    These sheets are the best solution for adjustable beds as the do not creep up or down as the bed is adjusted.